So, a little about me…. I was born and raised in Utah and I spend most of my time creating something. There is hardly a moment where I’m not working on design projects, drawing, cooking or knitting and crocheting. I was raised by my mom and I developed her habit of never having idle hands, but to the detriment of my yard my talents don’t lie in the garden like hers do.

Fortunately I do have a talent for most things creative. I’m very eclectic and I love working with all kinds of media. In addition to my design and illustration work I also love doing ceramics, painting, and textile work. I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts for Graphic Design at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah in December of 2015. I found myself in a couple of odd jobs since then but I finally went full time on my Freelance artwork and life has been wonderful since. I hope to seek work locally to develop my design and illustrative talents as I expand my knowledge and further my career as a creative.